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One of iTunes' top Sexuality category podcasts offers 5 to 10 minute episodes on erotic topics.


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Silkenvoice AudioErotica

Kayar SIlkenvoice has been making a name for herself as an erotic storyteller since 2005. Her work is powerful, provocative, and imaginative, and addresses a wide range of sensual, erotic, and adult sexuality topics.

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Silken's voice is hypnotic and sexy, and she spins each of her erotic stories at a languid pace that lulls the listener into a spell-binding web of sensuality and desire.

Select a tasteful, high-quality erotic audio and let Silken spin a web of sensual delight just for you, in the privacy of your own mind.

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Kayar Silkenvoice's album AudioSensual Erotic Shorts is available for instant download on both Amazon and iTunes.